Mineral EPCM Services

Prominer offers skilled and experienced procurement and supply management teams to source the qualified equipment, materials and components from its supply chain. The focus of the team is sourcing the critical components from key established providers who are capable of delivering to the highest international standard quality, instead of unproven suppliers. Additionally, our project management execution and delivery team will also participate in document, engineering, construction, installation and cost control work.

Installation & Commissioning

The critical installation aspect of a project is a major strong point of Prominer. Key members of the engineers’ team have been highly involved in the installation of nearly every project and are capable of not only ensuring what is built can be installed, but also managing the teams performing the actual work, as well as absolute commitment to the Health and Safety of people and the Environment.

Operation & Management Service

Engineering Design

Prominer’s engineering design work includes site survey, mineral processing technology, mechanical calculation, general layout & arrangement, water supply and drainage, dedusting & heating & ventilation, power supply and telecom, automation control and civil works.


During foundation and civil work construction period, Prominer always send supervision chief engineer to project site for ensuring correct civil work building.

Operation & Management Service

Prominer cultivates many experienced and skilled engineers and technicians who has rich experience doing installation and commissioning on site.